Date: 06/28/2016
Title: "I Want To Be The Question"
Personnel: Charles Chad
01 - Most Divisive (4:37)
02 - Filmed Last Night (2:57)
03 - Donkey Doctor (5:45)
04 - I'm Beginning To Hear Noises (10:17)
05 - What Your Mouth Say (7:44)
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"Most Divisive"
we've got to reach out to everybody
they've been ignored
but we don't get the tree
and we've got a real problem
looking for natural problems
most divisive it is
is it a good idea to start
really ever
leave this party
I want to be the question

"Filmed Last Night"
I would love to be famous
straight talk to me
child seat for the back of a witch
the heat kicked it out
on the back of this thing
the most ferocious planet
ask me the question again
what is actually achieved
f*** with a butt
and in the community Gangsta keep everyone away
he went to his boat
called and said that he was filmed last night
I'm one of them
someone who saw that

Donkey Doctor
in Kansas with good morning
so I can paint it
if we take the money
look at it
I'll give you whatever
you put it on and then you gave it away
never again
I have time
I could go tonight
a dog with short neck
between the path of the footsie
100 cheats
I bought a crisis
and and and and rong shut up
it's not about you this time
it's not true that I am I
donkey Dr Katy Texas
I love you

What Your Mouth Say
we should be positive
people said we shouldn't be positive
that's what your mouth say
it was like in Paris today
they don't say to you
you've taken away all right to live
something bright bold is not really
run the night with you
something is being taken from them
that's what I did today
that's what you should be doing
is it something else very hot
and feelings in your system
no longer singing
I tell you I love you
that's being used as a Smokescreen
some of those who are saying
we should take out Manhattan
I'm nervous I don't have it
I'm beginning to hear noises
but I do not accept it