Date: 06/28/2018
Title: "Beaver Hat/Devil's Skin"
Personnel: Charles
01 - He Gave His Love A Beaver Hat (4:39)
02 - He Is The Very Devil's Skin (3:21)
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"He Gave His Love A Beaver Hat"
He gave his love a beaver hat
Or fling me from your castle wall
And as he stood a-waiting
He made a plowing-share out of leather

He went into her chambers
Down fell he there, and there to die
He took the second by the hand
And the family thought 'twas a sinful thing
Oh pity pity pity please
And hold the horse I rode
For here I drownded nine young ladies

He called for his lovely page
Said "pray do hear of me"
Though he took the potter's pot
And she wasn't running for fun
He won't be coming home today
It's true that I have two bright swords
And then the dead did speak
He led her through the room and hall

She grieved and wept all day
And no man knows that he lies there
And birthed her babes as best as she could
He buried her so tenderly

"He Is The Very Devil's Skin"
I was sitting here watching it
We should be positive
And then to bed with lasses
I don't want your son nor your daughter fair
Ye cannot kiss my Jane-o
His lovely page called he
He is the very devil's skin
Hanged shall he be
And he won't be home today
And I have not so much as a knife
Loudly tingled the ring
And I hope he marries me

Oh he may sleep in an open grave
Oh mother dear, hell is so deep
He robbed her of her gay gold ring
But as they came to Scotland