Date: 06/28/2019
Title: "The New Christmas"
Personnel: Charles Amy
01 - A Dozen Different Kinds Of Cold (7:06)
02 - Every Possible Way To Promise (9:53)
03 - One In Seven Billion (4:02)
04 - The True Freedom, The New Christmas (9:24)
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"A Dozen Different Kinds Of Cold"
December was nothing
More water and long, slow
It was a dozen different kinds of cold
The snow we had inside

Adrienne held a secret
Caroline was busy
I prepared the freezer

The lost tip of a finger
His November left spotted
They bit like hyenas
He wanted to eat it
Oh, I need your disasters

"Every Possible Way To Promise"
The season I had
Now just wooden
Years ago, always frantic

Trouble from the town
And some other sightings
I heard a friend's stories

My long last weekend
To be ready and hope to start
Next week late and sweet

The clear slices of an afternoon
A nail and a woman exploding
Every possible way to promise

"One In Seven Billion"
When you feel lonely
When you feel terrified
When you feel insignificant
When you are nervous or afraid
When you are angry
When you feel hopeless
When you feel lonely

I take pleasure
I make the choices
I breathe in calmness
Let go of anger

I may be one in seven billion
But I am also one in seven billion

"The True Freedom, The New Christmas"
Not a bellyful of sweets
Or a skinful of booze
Just a lifetime of searching
And only one blues
Only one blues

The true freedom
The new Christmas