Date: 06/28/2023
Title: "Awake"
Personnel: Charles, ?
01 - Naked And Awake (11:27)
02 - Fake Autumn Leaves (3:28)
03 - No Rain (2:35)
04 - U will do the funkey monkey w/someone (11:05)
05 - Wholesome Canadian Goons (2:34)
06 - I Can Feel Your Balls From Space (5:03)


"Naked And Awake"
The birthday was fun
For all of us
He got new toys
She played with big dolls
She played with big dolls
We saw good books, yup
We saw good books
The daddy, the daddy got ice cream, ice cream, ice cream
Mother made cake

They were working and I wasn't
A crudely-rendered group of people
One friend was asking about a name for god

Envy our power
Make me something
Each of us in isolation
I'm naked here
I'm naked here
I'm naked here
Ha ha ha

No more money, no more fancy dress

"Fake Autumn Leaves"
Concrete stairs decorated with fake autumn leaves
Went straight for a small cabinet that had a hat in it

"Wholesome Canadian Goons"
Composing a country song using inscrutable notation
A thick Reader's Digest book about notable atheists
Standing near the door, smoking a broken cigarette
It was somehow burning on multiple ends
He asked me where I bought my shoes
And I told him I bought whatever was available in my size
He was wearing flawless limiteded-edition Nike basketball shoes

"I Can Feel Your Balls From Space"
A smokeless suburb
A robot activity
Laughing at walking
Let me see venom's distribution
Our own majesty's burden
A gibbon set at sea

This established dish
That won't hurt your shit
Mere fat failure
Sticking meat
A bold chicken soundtrack
And a hobo's training
Unavoid the straining
Hit all the advertisers

Scary baby laughed so rapidly
I gave myself certain secrets
Hide and pull the hole
Eating guns
The bite you carry

This is a state of affliction not ungotten
That's the bad news