Date: 06/28/2024
Title: "I Love It Because I Don't Love It"
Personnel: Charles
01 - The Whole Tree (4:04)
02 - Feathers, Cleaning, Chiming (0:51)
03 - A City Bus Drove Through The Lake (4:11)
04 - Nightmares And Circumstances (6:35)
05 - Maybe This Never Happened (0:57)
06 - If You Love Weary (3:22)
07 - You Have To Hope A Little (3:28)
08 - Sometimes It's Healthy Clicking (0:36)
09 - Played Along A Grease (0:53)
10 - Don't Want To (4:26)
11 - In Flasury On The Torcus (14:15)

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"The Whole Tree"
Sometimes I can see
The whole tree
I ask if he knows why people sometimes do things
Like grab a big handful of growing greenery
Perched on top of the fence
I forgot to tell you
This tree can talk
The tree will probably just complain
About the time it was used like a bass drum
It can play the drums on its body
The tree wanders away

"A City Bus Drove Through The Lake"
Catch a bat out of the air
A city bus drove through the lake

"Nightmares And Circumstances"
This unquackened home
A block of fresh cells
Watching the similar product's memory
About nightmares and circumstances
The words of marijuana spin tonight
The vision of mental malwarians
The invention of Jesus
They only played along a grease
How did I get my drink to sell in a stumble?
Pleasant noise?
Comes wet with his warm
The shine became shaming
Lurches toward the diamond
I'm just a tall man
And I'll hold the step clearly
To the clown celibacy
Sadness and self was unwrapped of places
Gone and people lost
A sentence that lasted all of two hours

What's going on in the universe?
I have to say I love it because I don't love it
We could lie in a hole
What I would like to do is super sexy
You can. You will

"Maybe This Never Happened"
We've got a cork mini log here
October audio sinister connection with you
I urgently need help deciding what I say
I'm bored, or not
Maybe this never happened, next

If You Love Weary
Asshole fucks I want
Oh, fuck hawks
Oh, fuck hawks
I walked through this
Oh shit
Oh shit
You are weird, yes you are weird
Back in, call back in, call back in
Whistle, whistle I'm a Russian asshole, asshole
I walked through this one
Slept on my lean to
To all I have made
A Russian asshole fucks hocks out
I'll walk through this song
Or no there was no
order that I couldn't call
Drowned around at midnight
I did not blow me
You need not suffer, you
I did not blow me
If you love weary, come in
If you are hungry, come in
If you love weary, come in
If you are hungry, come in
It's very far

You Have To Hope A Little
Password to 1998 was shared with the police
Well, keep paying
And keep working out your life
Frustrating horrendous and minimalist
Next I wanna wait half an hour and a half and a half and a half and a half and a half and a half hour
You've got to have a good Saturday
For the pleasure of embarrassing yesterday
Yes, yes, yes, you have to hope a little

Sometimes It's Healthy Clicking
Believe the messenger
People in the city make the fat you beat
I think you're going fat
That's why I gotta go home
Click it, it's time
Sometimes it's healthy clicking
It's time
Click it next time

Don't Want To
Where are my scars?
Open and take away decisions
I start wondering
What the fuck I should be
And if it will be
I can't sense any problems
I don't remember
I can't wait
Shut up
Getting ready to go
And my girl, the bottom man
Learning to dig something up
I said that's no sunset, that's all
Take score to explain it to him

Shut up
Shut up
Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb
I want to go relax
Wake up or talk
This sucker, you know what the hell talk
There is a stop in strawberry
I didn't know
Bring out the sheep I didn't have to bring
I did not believe you check
Hiding every inch hiding
Don't want to